Tim Ward and Larry Young started the firm in 1977 with the lofty goals of “do good work, make money, and have fun!” Founding the firm in a location of unsurpassed natural beauty, they envisioned a boutique firm that would provide comprehensive architectural services for projects requiring creative solutions and respect for the environmental context and beauty of the surroundings. They recognized early on that providing highly responsive services and creative, innovative design solutions expertly executed would be the foundations for the firm’s success. Having founded the firm in a small town, Tim and Larry understood that for the firm to be sustainable, as well as to pursue their architectural aspirations and interests, they would need to become accomplished in a wide range of services and project types.

The articulation of these principles has evolved into the following guiding principles for the firm –


  • To the needs for our client
  • To the needs of the project
  • To the needs of our staff


  • Maintain top-notch design talent
  • Seek imaginative solutions
  • Embrace and utilize innovative, state-of-the-art technology


  • Commitment to resource efficient design solutions
  • Emphasize collaboration and teamwork
  • Provide continued learning opportunities for staff
  • Recognize and develop talent within the firm
  • Pursue diversity in project types to bridge economic cycles and for crossover learning
  • Manage the firm for longevity - sustainability